Gmail App Vs Gmail Web Version – Which is Better?

Gmail : Gmail is the most popular communication application used to send and receive mails. Gmail is a free application from Google that allows its users to access their email.

By having a Gmail account, you can have access to all the free services from Google, such as Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Maps and Google news. All the services in Gmail are completely free to use.

You can not only use Gmail on the computer/laptop but can also have Gmail app installed on your smartphone. Users can download the free Gmail free app on both their Android devices and iPhones. Though Gmail offers similar features on both the web as well as mobile version, the mobile app is considered to be much better than that of the web version.

Gmail App Vs Gmail Web Version
Gmail App Vs Gmail Web Version – Which is Better?

Gmail App Vs Web Version – Why is Mobile App better than Web Version?

Adobe Flash :

This subtitle itself make the reason pretty clear. Gmail use Adobe Flash for its web version and is a known thing to everyone that there is not a stable version of the browser plugin still. Adobe Flash crashes for no reason at all. Even, if you are not using the system and it is idle, Flash may crash.

This in turn impacts the emails as they stop coming in. Also, the Gmail page cannot be refreshed forcing you to reload the page again. The thing to be worried about is that Adobe is still not able to come up with a crash-free Flash version.

As nothing great is really happening with Flash, number of websites are now switching over to HTML5.

Ads from Google :

It is known to everyone that the Gmail browser is filled with ads. You might be getting irritated with this flow of ads, which are shown in a contextual pattern. For instance, if you are exchanging emails with your friend about vacations, then you will be garnered by Google ad service with all the ads related to vacations. This indicated that all your emails are tracked for its content.

The flip side is that you cannot disable these ads totally. However, you can anytime stop receiving desired ads and as such your email content will not be read further. With the help of browser plugins like Adblock Plus, you can hide the ads.

Mobile Version is Faster than the Web Verison :

You can experience this fact easily. Whenever, someone send you a email to your Gmail account and if both your web and mobile version of the app are open, then you can see that the mobile version will be showing the new email notification before it is seen in the browser. This clearly shows that the mobile app is faster than the web version and is active all the time.

Number of reasons can be cited to justify that the mobile app of the Gmail is better than the web version.

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