Rajasthan govt signed MoU with Lisbon hospital

The Rajasthan government has signed a memorandum of understanding with a private Portuguese biomedical research organisation, the Champalimaud Foundation, to set up a state-of-the-art cancer institute in Jaipur, on October 2, 2014 — about two months after Lalit Modi’s wife Minal was treated at the Lisbon-based Champalimaud Center for the Unknown.

Rajasthan Health Minister Rajendra Singh Rathore Tuesday said the state government was unaware of the connection. He told to Reporters, “We were not aware that Lalit Modi’s wife was treated at the same Portuguese hospital with which Rajasthan government signed an agreement.”

Two months after surgery of Lalit Modi’s wife, Rajasthan govt signed MoU with Lisbon hospital:


“The cancer centre will benefit the state hugely, particularly those who cannot bear the hefty cost of treatment. The cooperation in this regard will also bolster relations with Portugal,” Raje had said in an official statement at the time. “People suffer a major psychological blow when they come to know about this disease. For laymen, its cure is expensive. A lot of people go to Mumbai and other places for treatment even though they cannot afford its cost and it is a very frightening experience for them. Now, after the opening of the cancer institute in Jaipur, they will get good treatment here”.

The foundation’s official statement added. “In the state of Rajasthan, facilities equipped with modern linear accelerators in the public sector are available only in two divisions (Jaipur and Bikaner)… Rajasthan has the need for more cancer facilities, with a significant and pressing increase in radiotherapy equipment and treatment to cater to present demand. With this in mind, cancer patients from the state would not be required to go outside Rajasthan for oncology treatment.”

It said, “Patients below the poverty line will be treated free of cost and other patients will be charged the minimum. This cancer centre…will be one of a kind in India. This institution will aspire to be a centre of excellence for cancer treatment promoting prevention, cure, rehabilitation, palliation and advancement.”