Panasonic Washing Machines 13 new models officially launched in India – Check Price

Panasonic Washing Machines 13 new models: Panasonic has always been a tough competitor when it comes to washing machines range. Their ranges of washing machines are unique in their own way and have always made a good market. Now, once again Panasonic has introduced all new 13 models of fully automated washing machines into the market.

Panasonic Washing Machines 13 new models officially launched in India

Panasonic Washing Machines 13 new models
Panasonic Washing Machines 13 new models

Panasonic has today launched 13 new models of fully Automatic Top Loading Washing machine series with the name ‘FoamPremia’. The models are available in the different weights of 6.2 kg to 7.5 kg and start at Rs. 19,000. The new series comes with the latest technology combined with user-friendly experience for easy understanding and usage.

As the name says, the new ‘FoamPremia’ range of washing machines is incorporated with Active Foam System that helps generate rich foam cascades inside the machine that pierce into the fabric’s core and provide spotless cleaning of the clothes.

Also, the washing machines come with detergent dissolving mechanism to dissolve the detergent particles thereby ensuring the best wash quality and longevity of clothes life. Other than these facilities, the new range of washing machines also comes with Stain-Master technology which effortlessly removes the most strong and stubborn stains from clothes. The washing machines also ensure that no delicate or sensitive clothes are damaged.

13 new washing machines introduced by Panasonic

All the machines are of top load style and to facilitate bulk loading of clothes, the machines come with wide openings. When it comes to design, they come with premium looking black panel and a smooth finish which is similar to all the 13 new models. Panasonic also incorporated another new technology called Aquabeat technology, which will enhance overall washing experience. The new technology aims at offering powerful water flow into the clothes so that the dirt goes off from the fabrics.

Also, the machines are equipped with gently pulsating anti-bacterial Sazanami Drum that handles fabric with care. The new range of FoamPremia machines works towards saving water and electricity as well. The Aqua Spin Rinse feature will help save about 15 percent of water and the Econavi Technology can save about 23% of water and about 25% of electricity.

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