Lalit Modi row: Congress to protest against Vasundhara Raje in Jaipur

Lalit Modi row: On Wednesday, the Congress party on Wednesday, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhra Raje demanding her resignation over latter’s involvement in former IPL chief Lalit Modi row. Addressing the media yesterday, Congress leader Sachin Pilot had said that he will be a part of the protest lead by the party.

He mentioned in a statement, “The Congress party will be in the streets tomorrow demanding Chief Minister Raje’s resignation. I too will be there. The leaders in BJP and other parties openly say investigation must be there and these people must step down to allow a fair investigation.”

Lalit Modi row: Congress to protest against Vasundhara Raje in Jaipur:

Lalit Modi row
Lalit Modi row

He said, “She (CM Vasundhara Raje) must resign on moral and legal grounds to give way to clear investigation.” According to Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had earlier in the week met Raje and said that the BJP, as well as the Centre, are strongly behind her as “accusations” against the Rajasthan Chief Minister have “no substance”.

The senior BJP leader also added his view that Raje had done no wrong and said that such issues should not be brought into politics. He told reporters in Jaipur. “The PM’s words — Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga [neither will I take the bribe nor will I allow anyone to take bribe — have come to haunt him. He is losing political capital and he and his party have been fully exposed. BJP is obstinate on this issue, but we will not let the issue die down.”