Jaipur 10-year-old critically ill boy becomes cops boss for a day

Jaipur : A 10 years old boy in Rajasthan became police boss( commissioner of police ) on Thursday. He stepped out from a car onto the red-beacon at Jaipur office, responding to the officers and moving to the office.

Few of us can take it as a movie scene but it is really happened in this pink city. Finally critically illed Jaipur 10-year-old dream has come true by the help of the make a wish foundation and Rajasthan Police.

The foundation will help the children’s in full filling their goals who are suffering from critical illness. This guy is taking treatment for chronic kidney malfunction at the Sawai Mansingh Hospital from the past 2 months.

Jaipur 10-year-old becomes police :


Sunita Shah foundation coordinator said that generally children’s wish to ask for a cycle, a bike or a meeting with a film actor. But this guy who is a studying 3rd Class in a Sirsa (Haryana) school, and asked he wants to become a Jaipur police commissioner. They felt emotion and immediately responded to the Rajasthan police in making child’s wish. The cops cooperation is there you can see that guy in police dress, who sat in the chair of the commissioner’s and also signed in some papers.

When they asked boy, why he wants to become a police commissioner, Then the boy replied that, “I want to arrest thieves.” Because he used to play with his elder brother. Aman said that always Girish used to play the part of police while playing chor-sipahi .

He said that he likes the honour of the guards. It made him realise well. Later the sung a song ‘nanha munna rahi’ in the policemen office. The police also said that it was the moral of the police department to know that the children’s are wishing to serve the nation.

The father of the Girish felt very happy, even he forgotten about the illness of his child. He is happy because he became the boy what he wants to be.

In the end Foundation’s head Sunitha said that their foundation has began to full fill the dreams of the children who are suffering from the severe illness. Till now they have full filled the dreams of the 2550 children’s.

The main aim of the foundation is to see the satisfaction and happiness in the children’s and their family numbers.