Hyderabad Man Held for Cultivating and Selling Ganja Indoors – Report

Hyderabad: This is an incident about a man who is 33 years of age was caught by the police in Hyderabad. The 33-year-old man is called Syed Shahed Hussain and he was caught in Golconda in Hyderabad, Telangana.  The Commissioner’s Task Force, South Zone Team sleuths acted as per a tip off.

Hyderabad Man Held for Cultivating and Selling Ganja Indoors – Report

Hyderabad Man Held for Cultivating and Selling Ganja Indoors

They apprehended the man who was “selling” ganja to the poor and needy customers and earning illegal money, they said. The police said that the man was allegedly cultivating ganja in his house and was arrested from here. The Police seized 8.6 KG of Ganja and 40 Pots of Ganja Plants. The police also seized one two wheeler and a number of Rs. 32200 from his possession, said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police N Koti Reddy.

Hussain learned to Cultivate Ganja Indoors

He said, “Hussain, who is addicted to ganja later started procuring ganja from Tandur area at Rs 3,500 per kg and was selling the same to the needy customers in Hyderabad on higher price Rs 16,000 per kg and getting illegal profits.” Three months ago Syed Shahed Hussain got an idea to grow cannabis inside his house or indoors. He then contacted his friend who is a native of the USA. His friend’s name is Garith Christopher who advised him what to do. So Syed Shahed Hussain watched a few videos about the same thereby learning the art of cultivating ganja indoors.

Police Found 40 Ganja Potted Plants

The police also seized around 40 potted plants of Ganja from his house. He was cultivating the Ganja that way. He learned how to make Ganja and then he purchased the required materials and grew ganja plants from his house. The Senior Police Officer then added saying, “Then he locally purchased all the requirements and started cultivating of ganja in his house on a trail basis. We seized 40 pots containing ganja plants and other material from his house.” Syed Shahed Hussain was caught while trying to sell ganja to customers. They acted on tip off and arrested him in Golconda.

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