The Festival Of Lights Turns Into A Nightmare For a Few

Even though awareness drives regarding precautions to be taken while bursting crackers were held, the hospitals on the day of Diwali witnessed patients with serious injuries.  Most of the patients were minors who sustained serious injuries and visited hospitals for aid.

The Festival Of Lights Turns Into A Nightmare For a Few

The Festival Of Lights Turns Into A Nightmare For a Few
The Festival Of Lights Turns Into A Nightmare For a Few

Especially, this festival of lights turned out to be a nightmare for a family of ten-year-old Varun from Chikkaballapur Chintamani.  Varun was immediately rushed to Minto Hospital on Sunday afternoon after he injured his both eyes while bursting crackers.

Eye hospitals report minor eye injuries in the city on Diwali

It was reported that he got injured while bursting crackers outside of his house.  He injured his eyes as cracker particles entered both his eyes.  As per Minto Hospital authorities his condition was serious when he was admitted to the hospital.

Other than this little boy a ten-year-old girl Dharini too was admitted to the hospital with the same complaint of eye injury.  A 39-year-old Kavitha also got admitted to the hospital with a serious eye injury.  She got injured while taking a walk near her house in Kallahalli and got admitted to Minto hospital.

Other than these, four other minors were treated in the hospital on Sunday.  This is not the first time that such incidents took place.  The previous year, Narayana Nethralaya had dealt with many eye injury cases.  Many eye injury cases were notified in the festival of lights.

Most of the injured were children below the age of 14 years.  Most of them were injured bursting crackers by themselves while others got injured while walking or riding vehicles while crackers were bursting.

This year the hospital vouched for more than eighteen cases of eye injury with on being a serious one.  Dr. Ragh Nagaraju, consultant, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital said they bump into 15 eye injury cases and that the number has reduced to half compared to last year.

He said ‘Thankfully, all of them were mild ones. Of the 15 cases, three were injuries around the eyes, six foreign body cases, four corneal abrasions and two hyphema cases.’

Sanakara Hospital bump into two eye injury cases and one of them have undergone corneal tear repair.