Delhi 17 years teen allegedly raped by 27 people in Jaipur

Delhi teen girl raped by 27 people in a Jaipur hotel, The accused girl was taken to Jaipur pretending they will get a job for her. This 17 -year-old girl is a resident of Delhi’s Mangolpuri area.

From the reports, “The teen has told the police that she was repeatedly raped by the men for over 24 hours at Jaipur’s Indraprastha hotel, before she managed to escape and returned to Delhi, where she filed a police complaint.”

Delhi 17 years teen allegedly raped by 27 people in Jaipur:

The couple who brought her to the hotel left the girl in the room and was repeatedly raped by 27 people for 24 hours including few staff members of a hotel when she tried to escape.

In a medical test, it was confirmed that the girl was raped. So far Delhi arrested nearly 6 people including the couple who brought her theirs by saying pretext of a job. The six are identified as Rocky, Rani, Mahesh, Anil, Arjun and Kamal, said DCP (Outer) Vikramjit Singh. Cops arrested owner of a hotel and few staff members, they are investigating the case to find out the people who are involved in this case.

Hotel management said that, the girls was checked in on August 29 with a man and he left the hotel on August 31, leaving her in the hotel.

Delhi-17-years-teen-allegedly-raped in Jaipur hotel
Delhi 17 years teen allegedly raped in Jaipur hotel

In an interrogation of the victim, the girl was brought to the hotel by saying the couple Rocky and Rani given jobs to many people who are living in her neighbourhood.

The case was filed on September 1st in Mongolpuri police station by the victim.Police sent a team and arrested the hotel management, after taking her to the place where the crime took place.

Delhi 17 years teen allegedly raped

A police official Singh added, “A case has been registered under Sections 372 (selling minor for purposes of prostitution, etc) and 376 G (gang rape) of IPC and relevant sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.