Cyclone Vardah Update: Death Toll 18, TN Govt Efforts to Restore Phone Networks and Power

Cyclone Vardah Update: Despite vast and wide preparation by the Tamil Nadu State Government efforts to limit the destruction and saves lives when the massive cyclone ‘Vardah’ strikes, death toll goes up to 18. On Tuesday, the officials said that the cyclone Vardah has taken the lives of 18 people across regions like Chennai, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur. Approximately half of the entire areas remained in complete darkness.

Cyclone Vardah Update: Death Toll 18, TN Govt Efforts to Restore Phone Networks and Power

Cyclone Vardah Update Death toll 18

Efforts are currently on to restore the power supply and mobile services that were disrupted due to the cyclone ‘Vardah’. The effect of the cyclone saw around 10000 electric poles that fell down and also around 100 transformers that got destroyed during the cyclone Vardah that made landfall on Monday evening.

Cyclone Vardah Devastation:

The cyclone caused major devastation including the toppling of five trucks and uprooting of trees and electric poles, damages to transformers, apart from taking 18 peoples’ lives. One of the ministers said that to restore the power supplies and bring cash for the people of Chennai is one of the major challenges they are facing due to the  cyclonic situation. He added that the cyclone Vardah has caused more than expected damages that were massive in nature and destroyed a lot of things.

The minister said, “We have a stock of electric poles and some transformers. We (have) made arrangement to get more transformers from Karnataka.” By Tuesday afternoon itself, as hundreds of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board workers worked overtime, they were able to restore 30% electricity.

Cash Crunch Adds to People’s Woes:

Officials who spoke with banks on the restoration of ATM services around the state said that banks expressed helplessness on this. Banks are rendered helpless for more than a week now due to no currency available for supply. On Tuesday evening to almost all the ATMs remain dead the official said. The cyclone has also thrown the functional ATMs out of gear. This has only added to people’s problems as they are only trying to get on with their lives after the destruction by the cyclone Vardah.

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