BenQ CH100 Portable LED projector Officially Launched in India, Priced at Rs. 1,50,000

BenQ CH100 portable LED projector: Welcome to the official launch of the new BenQ CH 100 LED portable projector in India. The Taipei- Based technology Company Ben Q has launched the CH100 Projector with LED on Wednesday. The new projector is specially designed for the Web designers and graphic artist keeping in mind their needs and requirements.

BenQ CH100 portable LED projector Officially Launched in India, Priced at Rs. 1,50,000

BenQ CH100 portable LED projector

BenQ CH100 – The new projector is likely to be priced for a value of Rs 1, 50,000 in India and is also said to deliver the best and accurate picture quality with sRGB colour fidelity and Full- HD resolution. The company is very passionate about their products themselves and this motivates them to launch several products successfully. In short, this is the secret behind leading the wave path towards success.

To justify the above-said statement, the managing director of Ben Q India said,” We are passionate about design ourselves and we know that the creative professionals will go to any length to breathe life into their ideas.” He also added up saying that the entire purpose to build the CH 100 was to create a standard class to make sure that their technology keeps pace with their vision and get along together.

More information about the new BenQ CH100 LED projector:

The new BenQ CH100 Portable LED projector comes with projecting the large 81-inch images from just two meters away and the device can instantly activate from its long life which is 20,000 hours Led light source to project a professional front to nab that impression during presenting it anywhere. This device acts best for those who want to present at the business professional level and use the new creativity ideas with a short throw and 5 picture mode settings.

The Led Light source of the device produces high saturated colours along with triggering the Helmholtz- Kohlrausch effort to boost up the CH 100 perceived brightness that will appear twice as bright as expected. The portable device also has an optional QCast wireless Full HD 1080 p streaming dongle that can also be used by the user at the time of projection.

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