Bengaluru Woman Groped and Molested on the first day of 2017 – Check video

Bengaluru Woman: In yet another shocking incident of women being attacked, a woman walking on the road was molested in the early hours on New Year’s Day. A camera installed on a house had recorded the incident. The residents brought it to the notice of the police and a few media houses. This is what the Tweet says, “ #CaughtonCam: Two scooter-borne men misbehave with a girl in Kammanahalli area in Bengaluru (Source: Unverified)”

Bengaluru Woman Groped and Molested on the first day of 2017 – Check video

Bengaluru Woman Groped and Molested on the first day of 2017 – Check video

The victim got off an auto and was walking to her house. Out of two men on the scooter, one man blocked the woman’s path. She was walking on Kammanahalli 5th Main Road in Bengaluru. Then the man gropes the woman in the early hours of New Year 2017. The woman on the street resisted and then the horrendous criminal then forced the victim on the side of the road. This was where the second man was sitting on the scooter. The two men again molested her and then she fled the place. The shocking incident occurred in the early hours around 2:30 AM on New Year. The New Year was a horror night for several women around the city. It was reported that several such cases of this sort happened on the New Year’s Eve. Many women were out celebrating the New Year on MG Road and Brigade Road. There were around 150 policemen around.

This incident on the New Year night has sparked outrage among many. Several political parties, film fraternity as well as the general public has condemned the incident and are outraged at it. In the past, New Year Celebrations to such incidents have taken place. Even though the cops anticipated and took full precautionary measures the crowds outnumbered them. There were incidents of shocked women who ran towards woman police for protection or complaints. The unruly mobs ran away on seeing the cops only to be back in the crowds in the next couple of minutes. Many revellers approached cops as they got separated from friends and family.

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