Bangkok Bombing Case: 2 Indians taken into custody for questioning

Thai police have taken into custody 2 Indians for questioning regarding Bangkok bomb blast in which at least 2o people lost their lives, a blast that occurred at a very popular tourist destination and Hindu shrine.

The two Indian were seen talking to the suspect who was arrested last week by the Thai police, in the CCTVs footage two Indians were seen talking him, a media report disclosed the news on Today. Both of them have been taken to a military camp for questioning.

Bangkok Bombing Case: 2 Indians taken into custody for questioning


“Nothing is really known so far about the Indians and it is not clear what the questioning is about,” sources told PTI.

Both Indians, currently their names were withheld, were taken away for questioning after Prawut Thawornsiri, ACP General drove 20 troops and police to look the Maimuna Garden Home flat in Minburi at 9 pm on yesterday. Both were staying in the room beside the one where police discovered bomb-making particles. A foreigner who inhabited the room and a Thai lady who leased space for him are presently wanted by the police.

A foreigner along with a Thai lady who rented the room for the suspect and the foreigner who lived in the room next to the Indians is wanted in the bombing case.

On August 17, The bomb blast took place killing 20 people and injuring more than 100 others in the worst ever blast in Thailand.

So far ten suspects arrest warrants have been issued, and 2 foreign suspects have been arrested.

Both were reportedly taken to a military camp for questioning.

Police in Thailand is closely searching areas in search of people behind the August 17 bomb blast at the popular Erawan Brahma Shrine. One suspect was carrying a Chinese passport.