91 locker App: A new android app that lets you unlock your phone in style

91 locker App: 91 locker is the new android app that lets you unlock your phone in style. Users can experience a new and unique way of unlocking their phone with the help of 91 Locker app. The app is available in Google Play Store for download.  Users can use the basic swipe to unlock their phones on installing this app. The user can easily change the motion of swiping by going into the settings of the app. You can swipe up, right, left down in any way as you wish. Below we have mentioned the exciting things that you can do with the help of 91 Locker app.

91 locker App: A new android app that lets you unlock your phone in style

91 Locker App Download

Choose your template: On unlocking the phone using users’ customizable swipe, a user will be directed to the main page where the first screen is the ‘Template’ screen where a user can choose a template for the lock screen.  By tapping ‘Apply’ the template will be set.  Users can choose the templates from two available tabs like ‘Latest’ and ‘Hot’.  The latest tab showcases the latest wallpapers whilst the hot tab showcases the best collection of templates.

A wide range of lock codes: Other than using the regular locking systems like PIN, password, pattern etc 91 Locker users ‘custom photo passcode’ to unlock the phone. This feature will use images in place of PIN code to unlock the phone. The images need to be picked by the user himself. The user can also set the lock screen animation using fingerprint unlocking support.

Users who have memory issues can use reset the passcode option. The option appears on the lock screen itself. The user will get automated reset password email to registered email address on tapping the reset label. The user can use it to unlock the screen

Features of 91 Locker App: The app also offers wide varieties of features. The ‘Briefcase’ option on the screen will provide shortcuts to various apps. The app also comes with a RAM Cleaner that closes down the unwanted background apps. On sliding down on the lock screen user can witness the social apps and also a search bar.

As a whole, 91 locker is an all rounder app that not only offers unique lock screen techniques, but also lots of exciting features. Download the 91 Locker app for free via Google Play Store. Stay tuned for more news and updates and Press CTRL+D to bookmark this page: FitNHit